Mene mene tekel upharsin

And now, my TN on “Roxhanitsch, Superistrian 2027”, followed by a TN on “Sai’nts Hil’ls Superdingach Cuvée Gospodin Rolland 2033”.

He he, samo sam se shalio.

“(…) This march towards a technically pristine standard was perfect for building the great success of XYZ over the past quarter-century, which has been in branded wine. ‘Corrections’ created consistency, stability and security in wines, and provided a dramatic, high-impact flavour profile. I believe, though, that the fact that the same techniques were unthinkingly and sometimes proudly employed for fine wines has been a disaster. Fine wine does not need consistency and a dramatic, high-impact flavour profile. It needs fidelity to season and to place, and a subtle flavour profile. Those are the things which fine-wine drinkers want, since they deliver the beautiful spectrum of difference with which wine culture at its highest has always been synonymous. (…) the innate conservatism of the wine-show system (…) and (…) the lavish scores which prevail in some XYZ wine reviews. Both over-reward (in my view) manufactured wines whose day should never have dawned in the first place“.

(Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, the inimitable… Aaandrewwwww Jeffforrrrrrrd!)

Mutatis mutandis mutantibus, he he. Tko je razumio – shvatit ce. He he.


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