Gemischter Satz

“(…) In thirteenth-century Vienna, the local wine bars (housed in the local cellars) were notorious as the haunts of  harlots. Consequently, in 1403, the authorities banned the wine bars, though not the ladies of the night. This injunction seems to have affected neither trade, if the edicts of the subsequent centuries are anything to go by. In 1527, the authorities took the radical step of banning women from working in a dual capacity as harlots and wine-bar waitresses. In 1741, the City Guard was dissolved after the Batzenhausen in the bastions of the city wall had intermingled the wine and sex trades too closely.”

15 komentara Za “Gemischter Satz”

  1. Conceptually, I believe they were aiming to create a decent Cu(r)vée.

  2. :-)))))

    Also, methinks perhaps therein lies an idea for a new chain of themed wine-bars?

  3. 😀
    And the newly regruted ladies working in Aaaaaachleiten vineyard would instantly turn in the Wachoes.

    p.s. I’ll stop right here.

  4. You eeeevil lechers. All I have to say to you is: you’ve been banned before, hi hi.

  5. Objavio post pred nekoliko sati, a vec sedam komentara. Note to self: sex sells. 🙂 🙂

  6. Što si čekao tako dugo?! 🙂

    Sjeti se samo riječi:
    “(…) Ne filozofiraj, Tvrle, vec napravi hit
    Narod je te tvoje filozofije sit (…)”

    Don’t ban me now, please.

  7. Additional note: sex sells, but next time, include more illustrations.

  8. Yeah, saw that. Sorry. Not enough skin. 🙂


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